Why wearing the right Outfit to work out is a must?

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Exercising is a basic thing when it comes to physical and mental health. We know that sometimes you can just wear whatever you find in your closet and then just go to the gym or do any physical activity you like; but actually wearing sport clothes is very important.

The clothes you choose have a big impact on your performance and your motivation during your workout.

Before you put on the first thing you find, here are 4 things to keep in mind.


  1. Comfort

Sportswear clothing has a special breathable fabric to absorb sweat easily, this avoids uncomfortable feelings or stopping your work out because of sweat stains. 

This fabric also helps you stay cool and you will feel like you can push harder during your workout, because you won’t over heat your body.


  1. Save money

Some workout gear may seem a little expensive, but it is designed to last a very long time because it is resistant to water and movement. You can get a lot from it.

In this way you won’t have to buy more clothes, unless of course you just want more Us Women outfits!


  1. Improves range of motion

You already know this for a fact, when you don’t wear the right gear you don’t feel like you can jump, run or stretch as much as you want. Squatting in jeans is never going to be the same as squatting in the right leggings.

Sportswear are designed to be like a second skin, allowing your body to move freely, with nothing holding you back.  


  1. Motivation

Because there is no better feeling than feeling beautiful, strong and unstoppable when you put on the perfect gym clothes. This will make you feel confident to hit the gym and give everything you got.


Maybe it is hard to believe, but Us Women knows every secret!

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