Why movement is so important for you?

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Many times, we can think that exercise works only to maintain a healthy state on a physical level. However, we forget its importance on a mental level.

By moving our body, we are urging it to release endorphins. Better known as hormones of happiness. These chemicals help us alleviate anxiety and to relax so we do not to feel pain or depression. This is why through movement we improve our quality of life.

Then you'll wonder how to keep moving when you don't have time to exercise. The ideal is always to spend at least 30 minutes a day to maintain our physical condition. Here are some recommendations to have in mind while doing the activities of daily life.


  1. Use the stairs

Whenever possible use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. This is good for exercising your legs and for feeling more energetic when you arrive at your destination. Remember that walking is a very effective aerobic activity. It may be difficult to adopt this habit because we are generally in a hurry. But do it little by little and you will see how it becomes a habit.


  1. Do not use the car too much

 When you go to nearby places try to walk. During the day it may seem that the amount of exercise we do is not much, but when we add it all up at the end of the day it’s actually a lot. Reality is that in this way we keep ourselves in constant motion.

Try to download some apps to count the steps and feeling motivated to achieve a goal. Good apps are:

  • Steps
  • Google Fit
  • Sports tracker

On the other hand, if you plan to go to a more distant place, there is now the possibility of use services such as Lime, who offer skateboards and bicycles at low cost to transport you. Remember that any of these options allows you to keep moving contrary to taking the bus or driving.


  1. Walk your dog

 When you have a dog, you become more active because it is important to take them for a walk and at the same time you keep moving. You are also more likely to go for a walk or to the park when you have a dog because your pet is your motivation.


  1. Do routines on the internet

You don't have to be enrolled in a gym to be able to exercise. Especially if you don't have much time available during the day. For that we have a great ally like technology. There you can find routines that you can do at home and without equipment. The most recommended places for


  1. Dance

Many people are happy to dance alone in their room. It is not necessary to choose a complex exercise routine if it is not what you like. You can follow a Zumba video or simply put a type of music that you like and motivates you to move around the room.

As a final recommendation it is important that you do not take physical exercise as a punishment, an obligation or something that you do not enjoy. The idea is that you recognize the importance of movement and think of it as synonymous of joy.

Remember that through movement you release stress and your body restarts. You will see that if moving your body still bothers you, over time and perseverance you will learn to love it.

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