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Social media is usually a very good resource to connect with people, to travel to other countries without having to leave your home and to learn and to discover beautiful clothes.

However, it also builds a fictional images and illusions. Builds an illusion of constant happiness and perfect life. We tend to follow the profiles of “fitness influencers” who seem to have it all and are incredibly happy. 

We begin to desire another reality that is not ours and in a certain way we also begin to create our profile to be an illusion too, which does not represent who we are, but what you want to be.

We begin to deny our authenticity, by wanting to be another person that we admire, but this does not really give us happiness. 


Everythig I see on social media is real?

It is important to understand that nobody publishes their human moments, when they are sad, when they fail or when they are afraid.

There is always a person who feels all these things behind a profile. The fact that your able to recognize this will help u understand that we are all the same.


Do things from love

It's okay to have goals and want to be healthier, but always do it out of love for you, not because you want to look like someone else. Learn to connect with your essence and listen to yourself and your body. 

  • What is the physical activity that makes you happy to do?
  • What is your favorite healthy dish? 
  • Do you like to exercise at night or in the morning? 
  • What color clothes do I like wearing?

Start connecting with what makes you happy, with what makes your inner glow expand. There is nothing that will make you happier than being you authentically.


You need instrospection

When you start to understand what you want, set your goals and your action plan to achieve them. You will see how your inner brightness is reflected through how you talk to others, in your social media profile and most importantly. It will reflect with your mood and inner security. 

Remember that we are all the same, don’t get caught up in comparing yourself with others because when you do. You are saying to yourself that something is missing and remember, you lack nothing! 

There is no one out there that has your same essence, you are a fundamental piece in this world. 

Keep shining

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